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One of the very common shared experiences that we all have while growing up is experience saying a certain degree of acne. Depending on your genes and hormonal changes during puberty is the first time you may notice acne that tends to clear up as you grow up. Since your skin is going through so many changes associated with acne, it can leave a wearing degree of superficial to Deep scars on the affected area.

There are several types of acne which you may even notice during adulthood that can also cause scars. At Derma Magnetica, we help you by getting you the right kind of diagnosis and treatment for not only your active or stubborn adult acne, but also comprehensive treatment for any blemishes or scars that you might be dealing with. From mild to aggressively effective chemical peels to using fractional laser to resurface healthier spot free skin, we work with you to find out only the level of treatment and downtime you are comfortable with for your condition.

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