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Aging Concerns

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No matter how much we may try, aging is a natural process that catches up one way or another in our lives. There are so many ways our bodies become better and more beautiful as we grow, but there are a few unsightly signs of aging too. But you do not need to worry about them! With Derma Magnetica, you have endless options of aesthetic procedures that can help you delay signs of aging only as much as you like for reaching your perfectly beautiful self.

There are many ways that our skin and body experiences aging, such as the appearance of dark spots, skin losing elasticity, adult acne in some cases and increased sensitivity in others, along with reduced regenerative capabilities of the body. It is important to understand the role of healthy diet and exercise in being a significant accessory to anti aging. By understanding your exact concerns, we work with you in reversing the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity in the skin to your satisfaction. We work with you from the very first step of answering all your concerns and confusions to help you take your journey of regaining confidence through the limits of your comfort.

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FAQ's About Aging

Q-1: What are the various factors that are responsible for aging?

Skin aging presents as collection of changes in tone, texture and quality of skin, which make your skin look mature and wearied out. We cannot stop our skin from aging but with improved lifestyle choices, anti-aging treatments and procedures we can choose to age gracefully and look best for our age.
Following factors accelerate the age-related changes in skin:
Extrinsic factors:
These include skin changes in relation to factors occurring outside one’s body like, photodamage, effects due to pollution and weather. We can minimise this damage by wearing a doctor recommended sunscreen and following a correct skin care routine to clean, hydrate and protect the skin. Intrinsic factors:
These are the changes with happen in our bodies, which contribute to skin aging like free radical injury due to aging, loss of collagen and elastin protein and hormonal changes. Though we cannot completely control these factors but with heathy skin-care, diet and exercise regime we can minimise this damage. Lifestyle:
Our life style and behavioural patterns also play a role in aging process like, creating same expressions over and over again, lead to development of expression lines, lack of proper sleep, hydration and diet causes skin to appear dull, rough and tired, too much of screen time can accelerate formation of dark circles. Most of these behavioural patterns can be changed with proper guidance and support.

Q-2: What are various signs of aging?
    Following are seven commonly manifested signs of aging:
  1. Skin dullness
  2. Roughening of skin texture
  3. Increased visibility of skin pores
  4. Formation of dark spots or Age spots
  5. Wrinkles and fine lines
  6. Skin sagging
  7. Droopy smile
  8. Loss of volume
Q-3: What are the procedures and treatments available to delay the signs of aging?
Following are array of treatments and procedures which can help manage the signs of aging and support firm, healthy and glowing skin:
  1. Chemical Peel
  2. Q-switched laser treatment
  3. Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) therapy
  4. MNRF or Micro needling radio frequency
  5. Botox
  6. Fillers
  7. Thread Lift
  8. HIFU
  9. Vampire facial
  10. Age-revive facial