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If you are reading this then we know that you have been considering a way to reduce the amount of hair on certain body parts for some time now or you simply wish to be free of embarrassment of unwanted body hair or even worse, facial hair. Don't worry, Derma Magnetica is here to make your dreams of smooth hair free skin come true. But first, one of the most important things about understanding laser hair reduction is to note the word reduction.

A laser hair reduction process helps in reducing the amount and density of hair in body parts. With the most advanced technology in laser hair reduction, we assure you 100 % guaranteed results in the form of reduced hair growth. With consecutive sessions you will be shocked at the clearly visible reduction in the density of hair, without any increase in the relative discomfort. This is what we proudly bring you each time you choose Derma Magnetica. All you have to do is put your faith in us, and allow us to show you how easy it is to achieve all your smooth skin goals, without worrying about salon, with permanent laser hair reduction.

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FAQ's About Laser Hair Reduction

Q-1: Tired of waxing, threading, tweezing, epilating and shaving?

No worries, Laser hair reduction is at your rescue, with promise of convenience, safety and visible results.

Q-2: On what principle does LHR work?

Laser hair reduction at Dermamagnetica clinic is performed using diode laser technology. Diode laser has been proven safe for Indian skin and delivers fast results. LHR works on principle of selective thermolysis, where in the laser beam is selectively absorbed by the melanin in hair-follicle, heats it up and eventually damages it, preventing hair regrowth.

Q-:3 What happens during the LHR session?

Before your session starts, you will have a consultation with your doctor, where your skin and hair will be examined and your medical history will be assessed. In the treatment room, your treatment areas will be marked and shaved. You will be asked to wear protective eye glasses and your session will begin. You may feel a slight pricking (ant-biting) and heat sensation during the session. Our laser equipment has an especially designed cool tip which keeps your skin cool during the treatment. Post treatment, your skin will be cooled by Icing and post laser cream will be applied.

Q-4: How would my skin appear post LHR session?

Post session, your skin may feel a bit warm, red and itchy, which is normal and subsides within few hours. At Dermamagnetica clinc we provide you with detailed pre and post care instructions to keep you safe and comfortable.

Q-5: Can LHR be performed on sensitive body parts too?

Yes. LHR can be done on sensitive areas like underarms and bikini areas.

Q-6: What should I do to prepare for the procedure?

Procedures like, waxing, plucking, tweezing, threading, epilation, micro-needling, etc. have to be avoided as they may lead to disruption of the hair follicles. Avoid sun exposure for more than 30 minutes, even if you are wearing a sunscreen. Exposure of UV rays lead to activation of melanocytes (melanin containing cells) in the skin, which can negatively affect the results of LHR. If you ae using any medications or products containing Alpha and beta hydroxy (AHA/BHA) acids, hydroquinone, retinol/retinoids and salicylic acid, please discontinue them 1 week before your session. Moisturize your skin well and wear loose fitting cloths on the day of your treatment.

Q-7: How many sessions of LHR would I need?

As the laser targets melanin in the hair follicle, our hair must contain melanin for laser to work. Our hair has 3 phases of growth, Anagen, catagen and Telogen. Only Anagen phase has sufficient melanin for laser to target. At any given point of time our hair on your skin may be in different growth phases, that’s why we need multiple sessions for LHR to give desired results. During your consultation, your doctor will explain you about number of sessions you need, as per you skin type and hair type.

Q-8: Is the hair reduction permanent?

As with all LHR procedures, some re-growth of hair may occur after treatment sessions are completed. According to your hair growth and hormonal profile, you may need few maintenance sessions.

Q-9: Would my hair growth become thicker post laser?

Absolutely not. On other hand, after every laser session your hair growth becomes, thinner and less dense.

Q-10: When can I resume my daily activities post LHR session?

LHR procedure has no downtime, you can resume your work immediately.