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Q-switched laser treatment or QSL treatment is a skin lightening treatment using Q-switched NDYAG laser. If uneven skin tone, dark spots, sun tan or acne marks are bothering you, this is the treatment if choice for you.

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FAQ's About Q-Switch Laser treatments

Q-1: How does QSL treatment work?

QSL treatment works on the melanin pigment present in our skin. Melanin imparts colour to our skin and its accumulation at a particular area can present as a dark patch. QSL breakdowns the melanin and it is released from the body, thus improvers hyperpigmentation effectively. Additionally, QSL acts as collagen inducer and makes the skin firm and youthful. QSL can be used in following conditions:

  • Pigmentary disorders like Melasma, freckles acne marks etc.
  • Skin dullness
  • Sun tan
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dark circles
  • Dark pigmentation on lips
    Following treatments use QSL technology:
  • Carbon facial
  • Photo facial
  • Instant glow treatments
  • Tattoo removal
Q-2: What does the process entail?

After thorough cleaning of your skin your eyes are covered with protective eye wear. As laser shots begin, you will feel warmth and a mild tingling sensation. QSL can be combined with other procedures like peel, microdermabrasion and hydra clean procedures. A carbon mask may be applied on your face before laser shots, if you are getting a carbon facial done.

Q-3: Are Q-Switched lasers safe for the skin?

Yes, QSL is absolutely safe. Your treatment is customised and performed by your doctor, so you are in safe hands. The parameter of the QSL machine is set according to your condition and requirement. All skin types can be safely treated by QSL.

Q-4: How soon can I resume my routine activities?

Immediately post session you can resume your work as this procedure has no down time.

Q-5: When are the results visible?

This depends on your skin condition. In procedures like carbon facial, photo facials and Instant glow treatments, you can see results even after one session. In others conditions like melasma, freckles or tattoo removal it may take few sessions to see visible results.